Thursday, May 14, 2009


Pyrex is probably my favorite thing to use in the kitchen- if I could, I'd use it for EVERYTHING, and in fact, I'm working my way up to that. My collection pales in comparison to some I've seen, but it's getting there. Cooking, serving, storing, Pyrex does it all, and more. The vintage stuff is by far my favorite- check out these awesome finds from Etsy:

On sale for only $3 by Piratesb00ty, it's chipped but I'm in love with the pattern. I have a piece from that set and would like to one day have them all. These little mixing bowls are great because they have two spout-handle things, one for pouring and the other for holding while you're pouring.

This awesome refrigerator dish is being sold by GoodSamaritan. What's a refrigerator dish? Hell if I know, but I want one. Actually, I've seen them sold with lids, I think they're like the pre-plastic version of Tupperware.

OMFG I want these so bad. Look at them. LOOK AT THEM!!! Sassboxclassics is selling them for $85, which is a bit steep but come on- it's a complete set and look at the colors. I mean, they're magnificent. The only problem with this set is that I'd be too afraid of ruining them to actually use them, so they'd just sit on a shelf somewhere collecting dust.

Take a gander at this set being sold by PlaidPonyVintage! At only $30 for the two of them, PLUS LIDS, it's a real steal of a deal. They're beautiful AND functional, and totally going on my list of stuff to buy one day when I have money to burn.

Lastly, I present to you a baking set in the prettiest shade of pink. Cassielynne has these in her Etsy shop, for now, anyway. These are way too awesome to be around for very long. A 2 quart covered casserole, and two baking dishes, one 2 quart and one 1.5 quart, would make for a great start to your very own Pyrex collection.

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  1. Those are awesome!

    I have a set in aqua and I love them.