Monday, August 24, 2009

Creepy Queen Magazine- MightySquirm Tshirt giveaway

Ok, so, I rarely get excited about giveaways, usually because I don't care for the items being given away, or because the amount of effort required to win just isn't worth the prize being handed out. This one is different. Creey Queen Magazine is giving away 2 t-shirts from The Mighty Squirm- check them out here.

Their stuff is AMAZING- I love the artwork, and the shirts appear to be quality shirts. I can't say for sure yet, as I haven't won my shirt, so wish me luck with this and make sure you get yourself an entry or two, here.

The prizes are these two shirts, in size Medium:

I'm really hoping to win the second one, but I gotta say, I wouldn't be unhappy if I won the first one, either- they're both just superb work. Head on over to Creepy Queen Magazine (and register if you haven't already), and enter yourself to win one of these two awesome t-shirts!!

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