Saturday, October 10, 2009

Etsy <3's me!

And I heart Etsy.


This has been an awesome week for my shop, being featured in both the Etsy Finds blog post (again) AND on the Front Page last night! Checking into Craftcult, this is what it looks like when you've actually got news ion the "Featured" tab:

It was pretty cool to see that.

I got a screenshot of the FP, too- I pretty much heart every item that was up there with me; anatomy is so freaking rad. LOL I also wound up buying from one of the sellers, CraftieRobot, so I guess that being on Etsy's front page IS good for business! Here's the entire collection, minus one- Wengergirl's mermaid skeleton teeshirt sold FAST. As well it should have; it was really cool.

Now, as far as results go, I wound up with 2 large sales last night right around the time I was on the FP. One of them, I'm not sure was a result of being on the front page, but the other one, I'm pretty sure, came from there. I also had a potential customer contact me regarding another good-sized order, and the item itself wound up with 12 new hearts and 200 or so new views. Not bad for an hour's worth of exposure just before midnight EST, huh?

So, the moral of the story is, do whatever it takes to get your stuff on Etsy's front page so you can get some sales. LOL. No but seriously, it really is good for business, so keep working on those photos and products, and keep up a presence on the site (think: forums, chat, etc) so that more people with the funky little "Admin" tag on their avvies will see you and your wonderful products and think of you when selecting items upon which to bestow what basically is Etsy's highest honor. :)

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  1. Oh and "why is rabbit poop round" is a huge part of why Etsy chats are so much FUN :D