Monday, October 26, 2009

Speaking of giveaways...

I sent in my samples to It's All In The Bag today- 58 total, some with samples of solid scents, and others with discount code cards... I decided to double my contribution by adding about the same amount of discount cards as I did samples (which also come with discount cards!). If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, it's a site which is collecting samples of handmade vegan goods and selling them in mixed bags, with proceeds from all sales going to an animal sanctuary! The bags sell for $35, including shipping, and are being sold for this holiday season. Check out the site and keep an eye out for them to become available- it's a great way to get little stocking stuffers, or just to sample a bunch of cool stuff yourself, relatively inexpensively. Here's what I sent in:

And... here's some more of my lovely cold process soap experiments...

Mayan Gold is the scent I used in this one, and I'm in love with both the scent and the way the colors came out- look at the weird crackling, it's almost as if the pigments withdrew from the soap and huddled together. It looks like fire :) I have the feeling that I won't be able to replicate the look of this one again though... *sad face* At less than 2 days old I was able to wash my hands with a small piece and my skin felt soft and smelled lovely- no lye burns, or even dryness. Just smooth, gently perfumed skin.

Here's Pink Sugar... in black! I added a bit too much fragrance oil, I'm still not sure where my mind was while I was measuring it out... the end result is a strongly scented bar of soap. It should still be okay, it'll just leave my skin a little *extra* smelly after washing :) Love the pink swirls, though!

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